"Dog Days of Summer"

The summer season is now at its peak. The days are long, wonderfully sunny and very warm - Amani and Kianga enjoy the dog days of summer the ridgeback kind of way...

Heshima ya Kimba Fayola Kianga Heshima ya Kimba Fayola Kianga
"Wow - what a great summer day..." "...just PERFECT for sunbathing and getting myself a nice tan..."
Heshima ya Kimba Fayola Kianga Heshima ya Kimba Fayola Kianga
"... to be honest, the only part that is not quite tanned yet is my belly..."
"Lying around all the time gets very boring... "
Heshima ya Kimba Fayola Kianga Kianga & Amani
"Heeeyyy - a pine cone!"
"...Amani, do you think it is eatable?"
Kianga & Amani Kianga
"A little sticky perhaps - but with a very exotic note...."
"... now I really need some dental floss..."
"...after a relaxing massage with the curry comb..."
"...we both deserve..."
Amani Hangin' out...
"... a little snooze in the shade."
"After some hanging out together..."
Carwash! Carwash!
"...it's time again to get back to work..."
"...to be completely honest...without our help
she would have NEVER got the car this clean... "
RR Siestatime... Kianga
"After another hard job done, it is time for keeping a well earned siesta on our luxury couch..."
"Hey, Amani -I think it is starting to get a bit cooler!! "
Red Namib Sands Amani Red Namib Sands Amani
"...Mmmmh...I'm not so sure...
...you really think so?!?"
"Phhheewwww! I can sleep like a log... "
Kianga & Amani Red Namib Sands Amani
"Don't be such a bore , Amani!!! Come on, let's go and visit our friends at the Oasis!!!"
"While Amani is keeping a watchful eye on the rat in the palm tree..."
Kianga & Mara
Come, PLAY!
"...the girls are having fun playing chase... "
"Come on, Mara !! Catch me!!!"
Kianga con copa :) Kianga
"...while Gesina and Jenny are enjoying the sunset over a nice glass of wine :) ... "
"...we treat ourselves to a nice dessert of sun dried fruit at the end of an exausting day - to give us the energy to go full speed ahead again tomorrow! "

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