"Spring Awakenings"

Finally springtime is back!! With the beaches still empty and the first warm sunrays it is just perfect for long leisurely walks along the beach and exploring the pine tree forests...

"As usual, I am the first one up and do my duty of waking everyone - just so make sure that nobody misses our morning walk!" "Come on girls, let's get moving - I can hear the call of the ocean!!!"
"The waves just look soooo inviting..."
"Yippiiiieeehhhh! In we go!! We are so lucky not having to worry about taking off any annoying clothes like our human friends..."
"I'm not really into swimming today. I'm gonna catch myself a little snack instead..."
"...and go looking for sticks and sea shells to play with..."
"We patrol the beach at our leisure..."
"...and before carrying on we take a short break at one of our favourite spots, the blue lagoon to cool down our hot paws."
"The woods are ours!!! Hey, maybe there are some lions..."
"...Lions!? Where?!?!...."
"...Mmmh, I don't think so - at least I have never met any out here...but hold on... what on earth is THAT?! "
"...Let's take up the chase!!! "
"Hey, Kira, where's my back-up !?!"
"Wooooww -that was close!"
"HEY, Kianga! I've got him, I've got him!!!!"
"Hunting superheroes takes up energy and makes you go really hungry..."
"Did someone just say GOODIES!???!!"
"Ooooh, come on, don't be like that, Bat(a)man, just give me a tiny bit to fill in my latest tooth gap:)... " "On the way back we were getting quite tired..."
"...but by lying in the garden enjoying the warm sunrays of spring... " "...the last bits of spring tiredness will soon be gone to be a thing of the past... "


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