"Lion Hunters "

...some of Kianga's first adventures at her new home in Andalucia...

"Lying under the olive tree in the warm winter sun really reminds me of Africa..." "...and enjoying this glorious morning with my new friend Amani is twice as nice..."
"...I tell him stories about my adventures with the lions I have seen when I was still living in South Africa."
"They are fierce looking and can growl loudly and dangerously..."
"...with their big, terrifying mouths wiiiiide open like this..."
"...but, saying that, they also like lazing about in the sun and they get sleepy very quickly, just like baby Ridgebacks..."
"Then we took an exploration trip to the beach to search for some lions.."
"...although I was looking really hard, I could not see even a single one of them..."
"Amani introduced me to his friends Kira and Chica and they taught me some new lion hunting skills... "
"...first step: crawl underneath and lift up the lion...."
"...then lift your head up - this leaves the lion defenseless and unable to move ..."
"...I was utterly impressed by this cunning technique..."
"...and wanted to try out my newly learned skills on Chica, but she is still stronger and bigger than me... :( "
"...and Kappa is too fast for me and he doesn't look like a lion anyway :)!"
"After all this chasing I had to cool down my paws with a quick dip into the sea."
"Then I was tired like a lion and Gesina had to carry me back home... "
"...lying in front of the fireplace, we gazed into the flames and listened to the crackling firewood... "
"...before we curled up and continued our lionhunt in our dreams..."


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