"Magic Point Beach Pack "

Wow... what a big and wonderful surprise for all of us! Rhodesian Ridgeback lady "Akilah Shakira von der Burg Widukind" (... for her friends just Kira) has joined the Magic Point beach pack! Watch out for the "black & cream- red wheaten gang" soon at a beach near you!

Amani & Kira Red Namib Sands Amani & Akilah Shakira von der Burg Widukind
"Not long ago we headed to the beach for our usual walk and met a dog that looked just like me!! " "Quickly I found out that she is a girl and is called Kira...."
Amani & Kira
" After getting to know each other a little better ... and checking out she was real..."
"Kira started to introduce me to the art of Ridgeback Games (which I know very little of) - The first one was called 'Knock me off my paws'. "
Mara, Amani & Kira
"Then we did a little bit of wrestling (Amani style)..."
"...when we were joined by my dear, sweet friend Mara!"
Mara, Amani & Kira Kira, Mara y Amani
"...I concentrated very hard on improving my newly learned 'knock her of her paws' technique..."
"...but because Mara said that I was being boring, we started playing one of my favourite games: 'Chase'!."
"Kira watched us for a little while... "
"... and then started to chase Mara... "
Kira chased by Amani and Mara Amani & Kira
"... then Mara and me grouped up and chased Kira...so everybody had a turn!"
"Then Kira wanted to know whether I can open my mouth just as wide as her...I could open it even wider :o) "
Amani, Kira & Mara Kira, Amani & Mara
"... I still couldn't believe that this wasn't a dream, and kept on checking out whether Kira was real..."
"...I overdid this a little bit and Mara became very bored (although I think she likes Kira and playing with her, too)"
Kira y Amani Amani & Kira
"After some more running we were really 'flat out' "
"..I am sure that we are the most awsome pack of Magic Point beach!! "


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