"A fun(ny) day out..."

A few impressions from our first exhibition - the GKC International Dog Show at "The Rock" - through Amani's eyes...

Sunrise.... GKC Waterfront
"For some strange reason they woke me really early today - before the sun was even out!" "After driving for ages we finally arrived at the biggest communal dog kennel I had ever seen!!"
Amani Amani & Gesina
"I didn't even know there were so MANY of us - WOW!! And in so many different forms and sizes...I was stunned..."
"...and then got very scared of going into the big kennel because of a BIG Rottweiler dude at the entry...aaaghh!"
GKC Show GKC Show
"Then we went onto some funny lawn and I wasn't allowed to pee. We did lots of funny things like standing still and show our teeth and run in circles..."
".. it was all very confusing, and I am still not quite sure why and what we were doing exactly, and then....
Hey! There is somedog who looks like my friend GIGI!!!"
GKC Show - BOB Amani
"Anyway...these two guys here were there, too. In fact, there were quite a few big brown dogs that looked a bit like me and apparently these two here were the best and they won some sort of contest! "
"A very fun(ny) day, and after all this running in circles I felt really knackered and I slept in the shady boot of the car til we got back home - A strange day, but kind of fun... I wonder whether we'll do this again sometime..." (to be continued!)


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