"Beach Walkers of Sancti Petri"

Now that summer is back, the evenings at Sancti Petri Beach are mild
and mellow. It is a great place to meet old and new friends!

Red Namib Sands Amani Red Namib Sands Amani
"Running up and down the dunes is not much fun on your own.." "... I hope I'll meet somebody NICE down at the beach."
Amani Amani
"What? No one there yet..?"
"... Hold on, I think someone's coming, ..."
Jenny, Mara and Amani Angel, Amani and Mara
"... and Angel brought the rope-toy! Heeeeyyyy!!!"
"BINGO!!!!!...It's Jenny with MARA!!!!"
Juan, Hippy & Amani Amani
"Little Ratonero Hippy is my friend, but he can be a pain in the neck sometimes... I mean literally...!"
"A cool dip helps to revive tired legs and gets rid off sandy paws..."
Amani Amani
"... sometimes I even go for a whole dog-body splash..."
"... only to get blow dried by the warm wind while having another good stare at who is coming..."
Amani, Noushka and Uma Amani, Noushka and Uma
"Shall I go for another swim with the two 'noisy girls'...?"
"...Yeah...Why not?!.... In we go!"
Amani, Noushka and Uma Amani, Noushka and Uma
"Noushka always finds great toys..."
"... but I'm not going in as far as her..."
Amani, Noushka and Uma Amani, Noushka and Uma
"... at least not just to fetch an old, empty water bottle."
"Our beach walks are over much too soon..."
Amani Sunset at Sancti Petri Castle
"...but I look forward to coming
back again tomorrow..."
"...to meet my friends and enjoy the end of a great day at Sancti Petri Beach!"


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